How we Clean


KAIVAC, OMNIFLEX,,,,,,See and Read what this machine can do,,,,,,,and we have one!!!!





The Omniflex cleaning machine is a new Revolutionary Cleaning Sensation.  It is seen in schools, restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores, food chains, you name it,,,,,Kaivac is cleaning it.   We always knew our Facility was clean and we spent many many hours cleaning day in and day out but we needed another way.  The mop and bucket cleaning is disgusting and useless, but that was the only option, until my search connected me with Kaivac.  Through sheer determination and some bumps in the road,,,,I finally was connected with Bob Robinson Jr., his father created the Kaivac brand and is utilized all around the World.  He was able to smooth out the bumps and provided us with a machine that is suited to our needs.  We have never looked back,,,,,GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDENCE MOP AND BUCKET!!!





                                                                                         IT'S EMPLOYEES AND IT'S GUESTS? 


-  It means that the Resort will be cleaned better than it ever has been.

-  It means that the employees can clean the entire facility and disinfect in under 4 hours, where it use to take 8 hours to do half the building

-  It means the employees never have to bend, get on hands and knees, touch dirty surfaces,,,,,never again!

-  It means a savings in time and money.  That means more time for the person to spend with the dogs and having this unit means ( more giveaways,,,,that has to be the best part,,,right)

-  Where do pups spend most of their time????, on the floor, so it only makes sense ,,,,,

-  NO MORE MOP AND BUCKET!!!  Kaivac has done scientific studies and they show that this machine,,,,,now get ready for this,,,,,,,this machine cleans more than 6000 x better than a mop and bucket!!,,,,the mop just spreads virus and bacteria,,,,,the machine,,,,,,sucks them up!


Tell me ,,,,,which would you rather see??




 This machine is so simple to use,,,,you use the sprayer, it has several adjustments for a delivery of 150 psi or 500 psi !

Our areas are done in Galvaloom which are incapable of harboring virus and bacteria, and our floors are impermeable

Once areas are cleaned, you apply the Veterinary Grade disinfectant,,,we are so proud of our new cleaner,,,it kills everything, but is safe for the environment and pet friendly!  If you ever want to read what this disinfectant is capable of ,,,,just let us know and we will provide a copy!

After it sits for 15 minutes,,,,,then you rise it all off,,,,,,bye bye,,,,grungy dirt, grime and germs!!!!

After washing walls and floors,,,,,,you vacuum up everything,,,,leaving the floor,,,,so amazingly clean and healthy,,,,,and that is it!!!


                                                                WE ARE SOOOO EXCITED,,,,IF YOU TAKE A LOOK AT THE PICTURE OF THE

                                                                                          MACHINE,,,,WE HAVE OUR OWN  ZAMBONI






 This video gives an example of how the machine is utilized to clean virus and bacteria ridden environments.  If you have a moment, please watch the cleaning technique,,,,this is what we adopted to our best practice guidelines.