Why Doggie Daycare


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Many owners slack off from their pup’s intensive socialization program because two-, three-, four- and even five-month-old puppies appear to be super-friendly social butterflies. All too often people don’t see the point of socializing an apparently well-socialized puppy. But of course their puppy is friendly and sociable, it’s a puppy. Unfortunately the effects of insufficient early socialization do not become apparent until later in life. Development follows a natural course; fears and phobias do not usually begin to develop until a dog is five to eight months old and by the time owners realize their adolescent dog has a problem, the Critical Period of Socialization is history.

In our world, dogs need to acquire impeccable social savvy to meet, greet and get along with every unfamiliar dog that they meet. (Human social skills pale in comparison.) Teaching dogs to get along with every other dog can be challenging. Puppy socialization is pretty easy but dog-dog socialization deteriorates during adolescence, often at an alarming rate. A dog’s first adolescent fight often marks the beginning of the end of its socialization with other dogs. Now we’re in a vicious circle: the less the dog is socialized, the more likely he is to fight. Consequently, the owner is less likely to give the dog opportunities to socialize and so, the dog becomes even less socialized. The dog (and owner) take a massive plunge in terms of quality of doggy life. It is unlikely that the dog will be taken to daycare or boarding, or let off leash to romp and soon, the dog is unlikely to be walked at all.

If you are wondering if your dog would benefit from this experience,,,here are a few reasons why so many people are coming to Waggy Tails Resort:
1.  For many people, dogs are their children and they feel guilty leaving their canine baby at home all day with no socialization. Daycare at Waggy Tails Resort offers as much as they want all day long.
2.  Some pets have seperation anxiety, do you find that your dog is barking alot, chewing things, looking stressed?  We can help, when your dog goes home they rest, even the dog with the highest energy level, still is exhausted at the end of the day , they are still tired the next day.
3.  Dogs are pack animals and enjoy feeling like a member of a canine family, ( although they love their human ones), we are catering to their innate cravings.
4.  Weather temperatures can be very nippy at 6-7 pm , when you need to get that activity in for your pet,,,trust me they do not want to go out in the cold anymore than you do.  We do all that for you,,,so you can have cuddle time and bonding time in the evening.
5.  Regular running and playing at our Resort, has attributed to major health and fitness turn-arounds.  Dogs that play off leash all day, develop excellent muscle tone and weight management, this is not something that is attained with a simple walk on a leash.
6.  Our daycare is open 7 days a week, so when someone shows up that is allergic to dogs, or you have to have your house painted, or dinner guests,,,,,,,the list goes on,,,we can babysit your little one, until you are ready to pick up!
7.  We can now make their playtime a bath-filled fun day,,,think of that,,,no more back breaking baths for you.
8.  What about the new puppy,,,having to work on housebreaking techniques, and go to work etc.,   we have been very successful in helping many moms and dads with this tedious task.  What better way to learn what is supposed to be done , then by having pack friends teach you.
9.Your dog learns excellent socialization skills, learns to play properly, learns how to meet and greet,,,,,because there are NO CAGES, NO CRATES, NO KENNELS,,,,what is the point of caging a dog at daycare???  That is why we are so different, we do not believe a dog should be put in a confined space for daycare,,,,let them run, play and HAVE A HOWLING GOOD TIME!!!